„I have been fulfilled by my work since the first days!“ project manaher Miroslav Adamec is not hiding his satisfaction.

coalsoft s. r. o. has been on the market for over 4 years. In such a short time it has managed to rise among the most respected players. A lot of credit for this goes to the project manager Miroslav Adamec, who is responsible for much more in the company!


Miroslav, how long have you been working at coalsoft as a project manager and how do you evaluate your performance so far?

I've been in coalsoft for almost 3 years now and it was a big leap into the unknown for me, anyway I've got the hang of it and apart from a few mistakes I don't rate it bad at all! The work has been fulfilling me since the first days! So yes, I'm still enjoying it.

The position of project manager probably hides a variety of activities. Could you give our blog readers a rough idea of what your daily work looks like?

To be honest, for me it's not only about the project manager position, but I also got into people management within my development team and partly company management. But to sum it up, it's mainly about communicating with the customer within existing and new projects, supporting applications, collaborating on application specifications and pricing. I also work on the development of the guys in the team and try to keep everyone busy.

Last year was very successful.

Could you tell us what challenges are waiting for you this year?

From my point of view, 2023 will be a very interesting year. We have started several new collaborations, and this will bring us new projects as well. I am very excited about the "DL Bonus" application for Foxconn, which we are slowly starting to work on. But the challenge at the moment are two vacation planning apps that we need to have ready by March. I also hope to expand our team with new skilled colleagues.

We've already peeked under the hood of this year's vision, but what about last year? Was it a success from a project manager's perspective?

Even though it didn't look like it at the halfway point of the year, it was a very successful year for me in the end. We all picked up more new experiences and two applications were very successful, namely Document Generator and Requests.

We offer experience, professionalism and quality!

Fans on social media can see that coalfamily is not just a job to the bone, but a group of nice people who enjoy their time not only at their desks. (smile) How would you describe our company culture?

We are a great team of people who can say things straight and support each other. It's really a family for me! It's great that even with so many people, we can all get together, like at a Christmas party, and have a good time together.

Why should a new potential customer choose coalsoft? Certainly for the reason that you are there and they will be able to communicate with you. But what else? (smile)

As you say, I hope that one reason will be just the opportunity to work with me (smile). But now a little bit seriously. Despite the young team, we can offer experience, professionalism and quality. We are responsible and like to find solutions together with the customer. Long-term cooperation and partnership is our first priority!



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