„Our company culture? I enjoy my work, thanks to that,“ says developer Mikulas Novotny.

coalsoft boasts many energetic employees who enjoy and find their work fulfilling. One of many is SAPUI5 Developer Mikulas Novotny. He talks not only about the company culture in our regular blog.


Hello, Mikulas. How long have you been working in coalsoft as a SAPUI5 Developer? How did you actually get to this position and are you happy about it?

It will be 3 years in March 2023. I got the job quite happily. Michal Uhlir (CEO of the company) needed new people and I was learning JavaScript development at the time. Michal's brother-in-law, whom I know, found out about it and he recommended me. Thanks to that, I met Michal and he offered me a job as a SAPUI5 Developer, for which I am grateful to both of them. I'm very happy for this position, not only because it represents a promising job in a modern company, but also because the offer came at a time when covid was starting and I knew I didn't have to worry about my job, thanks to the fact that this industry was more or less unaffected by the pandemic.

How do you rate your performance so far? Are you still enjoying this job?

Of course, I can see that I have moved on with experience since I joined, but I still know that I am still at the beginning and there is a lot I don't know and could learn. But that's why I enjoy it.

Could you give our blog readers a rough idea of what your day-to-day work looks like?

That's going to be a little difficult because every day is basically different and I never do the same thing as the day before. Anyway, we have certain standards that are repeated throughout the week. For example, if I take a Monday day at work, I always organize my tasks in the morning, take the rests and unfinished tasks from the previous week + the tasks for the week and prioritize their severity. Then I plan my day accordingly. Every Monday we also have an internal status where my colleagues and I tell each other what we finished the previous week and what's coming next, this way we keep track of the team. After that, it's usually some development of new apps or code fixes in existing ones. Sometimes I also go to the gym in the morning and thanks to that I can relax and be more efficient. Often it's also about some communication and defining my tasks, whether with my supervisor, with the customer or with other colleagues in the team.

I look forward to the further development of our company.

How would you evaluate the last year 2022? Was it hectic but successful?

I think it was probably the most important year for the company so far. There has been a lot of news and changes, from moving to new premises to the creation of a new company and a new team of coalios. We have also added a lot of new colleagues and overall we have started to create a new face of the coalfamily, the slogan etc. So I rate this positively and look forward to the further development of our company.

What interesting projects are you currently working on?

I'm currently working on new functionality for an existing app to facilitate payroll calculations for hiring managers. The functionality should make it easier to offer and create new jobs. Also, it's support to implement an application to enter business trips and calculate per diems, to a new customer. And last also support to a new application to facilitate the process of filling and checking the annual accounts and tax declaration what employees have to fill every year. We are also trying to come up with generic pre-made solutions for various functionalities internally so that we can save time on further development later on.

The word „no“ does not exist in our vocabulary.

Fans on social media can see that coalfamily is not just a job to the bone, but a bunch of nice people who enjoy their time not only at the table. (smile) Do you enjoy this company culture?

Yes, I do. It's one of the reasons I'm proud to be in this company and enjoy this job. I see it as a way to make us stand out as a young and modern company with a different attitude than, for example, somewhere in a factory. Of course it's also about trust, but it makes me all the more motivated to be an asset to the team and the company.

How would you approach new potential customers to work with coalsoft?

We have done quite a few projects, of different sizes, and can adapt to any customer and their requirements. We always try to find the best solution and the word „no“ is not in our vocabulary. We care about quality and customer satisfaction.



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