Coalsoft? One big family! „It makes the company environment more pleasant,“ says junior developer Jan Bečka.

Our regular window among the fine folks of our company continues with an interview with talented developer Jan Bečka, who works for coalsoft while studying at comprehensive school. We love to give opportunities to young, skilled and energetic people.


I gradually worked my way up to projects.

Our company also gives opportunities to youth. One of them is a junior SAPUI5 Developer Jan Bečka, who has been working in the friendly team of coalfamily for some time now.

„I have been in coalfamily since the beginning of the summer 2022, when I joined right after the summer holidays started. I really like the company, it's like one big family, which definitely makes the company environment more pleasant,"

says Jan Bečka. „In my job, due to school, I am currently doing smaller tasks that my brother (Petr Bečka) prepares for me, so that I can manage them due to less time," admits the nineteen-year-old handsome in every way.

It is no secret that Jan Bečka is still studying at the comprehensive school in Žamberk. This year, he is about to graduate from school and he got an opportunity in coalsoft as a junior developer. Is it even possible to study for graduation and everything around it with a full-time job at coalsoft?

„It's still manageable now, but the closer we get to graduation, the less time there will be to work,“

says Jan.

Every employee's journey to the coalfamily is different. Jan Bečka has the advantage that his big brother Petr Bečka works at coalsoft as a Development Architect.

„I got into coalfamily thanks to my brother. At the beginning I learned the basics and gradually I got into projects where I was given smaller tasks, mainly to see how applications work and learn from that,“

reveals the younger of the brother duo Jan Bečka.

My brother always takes the time to help me.

The position of SAPUI5 Developer hides many things.

„My main focus in the position is to help with application development,"

says Jan Bečka, who would like to continue with us after his studies at the university.

„Yes, that's right. I would like to continue with coalsoft during my studies at university, too,"

Bečka emphasises.

Coalfamily is not just a slogan and a job to the bone, but also a bunch of leisure activities and fun. It's clearly the right way to have a completely different company culture from corporations.

„It's the right way, because people are closer in the company and they can get along much better because leisure activities outside the office bring them closer together,"

says Jan Bečka, who has been involved in some successfully completed projects at a very young age. „Most recently on the Versino app project, which we have been working on since the end of November 2022," he reveals.

As mentioned several times, Jan's older brother Petr Bečka is definitely the most experienced developer in our company. His advice must surely be appreciated.

„I definitely appreciate his advice, I guess I can't imagine not having him here. If I don't know what to do, he takes the time to help me, which I really appreciate,“

says Jan Bečka with a lot of gratitude.



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