„Quality is key for us,“ emphasizes CEO Michal Uhlíř in the balance interview.

The year 2023 is in full swing, and the coalsoft and coalios teams are working with great energy and gusto on other interesting projects. It was not only about them that the CEO of both companies Michal Uhlíř spoke in the balance interview.


Our team is eager to conquer more challenges!

Michal, in mid-February you went to the Jeseníky Mountains, where you not only climbed hills, but also experienced corporate teambuilding. Could you tell us the main goals of the annual teambuilding?

It has become a tradition in our company. I'm sure it is connected with the fact that I myself am a lover of mountains and winter sports. During the annual teambuilding we always find time to review the past year, present the plan for the next year and, above all, some activities that help us build the company and our corporate culture together. This year we focused on reviewing the company values. I personally was very pleased to see the company values being experienced in practice. Of course, there was also time for activities like going to the spa, skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, hiking and skitouring. It's actually a bit of a thank you to everyone for doing their job to the full COAL! (smile)

How did you personally enjoy your three days in the mountains in the company of people working and having fun? Did the teambuilding fulfill its purpose from the perspective of the CEO of the coalfamily?

For me, these activities are challenging. Both on preparation and on the organization itself. But it's great that I have a team of skilled people around me who are regularly involved in the organization and make a lot of things easier. This year it was especially challenging because we were staying in a hotel that is not accessible by car. I'm so glad that despite the heavy workload we had in the first quarter, everyone made time for this activity and it didn't affect our start-up projects. On the contrary, we regained more strength and I felt the desire and joy to conquer other work challenges from our team!

The most interesting project? Coalshop connector!

Part of the teambuilding was also an evaluation of the previous quarter in the framework of company presentations. The word quality often appeared in them. But the year 2023 is already in full swing and there is certainly a lot of work and interesting projects ahead. Can you give us some details?

PThe first quarter was a perfect year for us. Like every year, we set ourselves an ambitious goal, which we have been able to meet right from the start. I firmly believe that we will be able to maintain this momentum until the end of the year. Quality is definitely key for us. It often comes up in our customer feedback and we definitely want to maintain it. Once again, we have been able to make a successful mark with other partners and customers and have confirmed that our diligence and reliability drives us forward and often sets us apart from other suppliers. The most interesting project for us is undoubtedly the coalshop connector, which links the HELIOS iNuvio information system and any e-shop in record time! It is our first own product and there is a huge interest in it. More detailed information about this product can be found on the website https://coalshop.cz/ A big challenge for us will also be the cooperation with a partner from New Zealand, which we are just starting, so details will definitely come next time... (smile)

The coalfamily team is gradually expanding with new employees not only at coalsoft but also at coalios. Can you reveal who all has joined our ranks and, are you looking for more new faces?

We've had a lot of success in recruitment right now. First of all, we have managed to expand the coalios team with experienced consultants who will take us one step further again. We've also finally filled the Back Office Manager position so we can all focus on our customers and have someone looking after us. We've also expanded our development team with junior colleagues who have been growing before our eyes right from the start. We're currently looking for more reinforcements for the marketing team and we're also looking forward to a new marketing manager joining us in a month's time.

A new era of education in Letohrad!

Recently, coalfamily has begun to support individual sports non-profit organizations, associations and provide donations to charitable causes. What makes you do this? And is it the right way?

It is definitely the right way. I can say without exaggeration that without the existence of similar organisations I would not be at the head of two successful companies today. I very much appreciate the fact that we have so many people not only in Letohrad who devote their free time to others. Whether it is the sports clubs of ball hockey, biathlon or the Letohrad Elementary School. These organisations depend on support in a certain way. So we currently support them mainly financially. This year, we want to support running compatition again - the Jablonska Eight. In the future, I would also like to commit the most valuable thing I have right now - my time.

Coalfamily is not letting up and is preparing other interesting projects in which you will join these non-profit organizations as well - can you give us the details?

I have had this idea practically since the beginning of our work in Letohrad. My vision within the upcoming project is to spread IT education in Letohrad and its surroundings. We are currently in the first phase of this project, which is the creation of the concept. The whole project should be based on three pillars - the first one is a circle of teaching the basics of programming for children. The second part will be lectures on IT security, working with information, verifying sources and, for example, safety on the Internet and social networks. The third pillar is the preparation of retraining courses for IT positions.

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