Start of 2023 marked by two successfully deployed projects!

We managed to bring two projects to deployment on production environment at the beginning of the March 2023! These applications are named „Leave planning“ for Slovenská spořitelna and Asahi Breweries.


The coalsoft team is not letting up this year and continues to work! The interim result is two successfully completed projects.

„The app is for all employees who have to plan their holidays for the whole year,“

explains project manager Miroslav Adamec. „After approval by managers, a report is created and submitted to the union,“ he adds.

The developers had a difficult task ahead of them. Last year we created an application with Czech legislation, this year we had to deal with Slovak legislation for Slovenska spořitelna and Czech and Slovak legislation together for Asahi Breweries.

„We had to deal with both the legislative requirements and the specifics of each company, so we developed two different applications,“

says project manager Miroslav Adamec. It was important to deliver the application on time! We succeeded and we are definitely not letting up in our work. We are looking forward to the next challenges and projects!



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