„I am satisfied with the team, but there is still a lot to work on,“ says project manager Miroslav Adamec.

Project Manager Miroslav Adamec has started his fourth year working for our company! In the balance sheet interview he evaluates not only the first half of the year 2023, but the overall excellent work of his team of programmers and developers.


Miroslav, you celebrated your 3rd anniversary at coalsoft in May 2023. What has changed in that time and how do you evaluate your work so far?

Hi, relatively a lot has changed. I'm not only managing projects anymore, but also communicating with new customers and „people management“ within my team. Otherwise, I guess others should evaluate me, but I am satisfied and I see a big shift since day one. Anyway, there is still a lot to work on.

The position of project manager involves a variety of activities. But what about the results of your work and the work of your team? Could you mention the top projects that you have successfully completed in the last year?

I am very satisfied with the work of my team! That's one of the things I enjoy so much about the job and that's the people around me. The top projects for me are definitely Applications for Foxconn and Document Generator for Success Solutions, which we are still expanding with more requirements.

We are establishing foreign cooperation!

What are you currently working on with the team?

We are currently working on several projects and extending existing applications, but the applications for Foxconn, FairPay 2 and DL Bonus, are definitely worth mentioning. I must also add that we are starting cooperation with a company in New Zealand and I believe that there are more interesting projects ahead of us.

A couple of months ago, SAPUI5 developer Jaromir Protzner joined the team and went through a significant life change. How is he doing so far?

I see a big shift in Jaromir, it will be almost half a year now and I appreciate his proactivity and attitude.

Do you plan to continue expanding the development team?

Yes, it is definitely in the plans. We've expanded the team with a couple of junior developers, but I'd like to add a more senior person to the team to help pull projects along.



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