„Every day is a challenge. The whole team is an incredible support for me,“ says Tomáš Chotěnovský.

The coalsoft team is growing. It's no secret that we have expanded from Letohrad to New Zealand, so it's important to expand our development team with more skilled developers. One such person is SAPUI5 developer Tomas Chotenovsky, who jumped on the bandwagon with great panache.


Tomas, you recently joined the coalfamily team as SAPUI5 Developer at coalsoft company. How do you like it so far and what brought you to us?

So far it's been great, I like the environment I work in and the team here. I was always tempted to work as a programmer, and when I heard that coalsoft, where I already knew a few guys at the time, was hiring, I just gave it a shot and thankfully it worked out!

Have you been assigned a project that you're working on now? Can you tell us what it is? I'm sure it wasn't easy to jump on the „bandwagon“...

I've already been assigned a project. It's a configuration application. It wasn't easy, but you probably learn the most and the fastest on a real project. Every day I come across something new that I don't know yet and I have to get to grips with it. And if I can't do it myself, the guys are always willing to help.

Who is your biggest role model and helper in coalsoft so far? And how do your colleagues approach you?

My role model is definitely Mr. Cervinka. Although it's hard to choose just one. When I started, I was in charge of Mikuláš Novotný, who prepared all the documents and everything around me, for which I definitely have to thank him. But as I said, everyone here is a helper, everyone helps each other.

We develop applications with care and quality.

Coalfamily is not just a slogan and work to the bone, but also a bunch of leisure activities and fun. Is this culture close to your heart?

It's very close to me. The people at work really fit me and I'm with them for all the fun both in and out of the office. The company culture here is definitely one of the things that keeps me from getting out of bed in the morning angry and frustrated that I have to go back to work, but instead looking forward to it!

But now let's get down to business. What does the average mortal imagine your job title as a SAPUI5 developer to be? What does your normal working day look like?

The first thing I do when I arrive at work is have a nice cup of coffee. (smile) By the way, the coffee here is great from Lexa coffee. Then I look at what needs to be done that day and try to plan my activities. Work as such is about writing code, reading documentation, thinking why it doesn't work, or on the contrary why it actually works. If one manages to overcome all the obstacles, at the end of the day one has created something valuable under one's hands, something to be proud of.

What words would you use to invite new potential partners to work with the coalsoft team?

TThere are people at coalsoft who are passionate about the work they do, which is why the apps we make here are developed with care and quality.



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