„Our company culture really helps at work, even in more challenging times.“ says Kristian Klein.

Kristian Klein, the Integration Developer, celebrated his 2nd anniversary of working in our company. This great guy talks about the company culture and how he sees the future of working for our company, in the interview below.


Hi Kristian, you have been working as an Integration Developer at coalsoft for over 2 years. How did you come to us and how do you like it so far?

To be precise, it's been just over two and a half years. During my studies at the Faculty of Computer Science in Brno, I was attracted by the possibility of earning something and not being dependent on my parents. Of course, my first thought was to get a job in the field I was studying and to deepen my knowledge of IT. My classmates Adam Batala and Adam Políček were already working at coalsoft, so I already had some knowledge about the company. They recommended coalsoft to me, saying that they were looking for a new person for the position of Integration Developer. I didn't hesitate for a moment and jumped at the chance. What I like about this company is the set of company values that we as employees have participated in. At the moment, I am partially transitioning into the Extensions Developer position, which is a second and integral part of coalsoft. I am looking forward to learning new things that will help me not only professionally but also personally.

The reader would be interested to know what the Integration Developer actually does. And what a typical day is like. Could you give us a little insight into the role?

I arrive in the office each morning and firstly, check my email inbox for any important messages. After that, I examine the Jira ticketing system to see if any updates have been made to my current tickets. Lastly, I will review my upcoming and pending tasks and establish the priorities for the day.

What are you working on right now? Do you have an interesting project coming up?

Lately I've been working on small projects and tasks, but there is one long term project and that is eDELete. It's an anonymisation tool that is fully configurable for any customer from any country. Its main advantage is that it's ready to test and deploy without much intervention, and between different customers from different countries with different GDPR legislation.

I am looking forward to the new challenges!

Coalfamily prides itself on its relaxed company culture. Do you personally like it and does it help employees to perform better?

The main feature of coalfamily is the teambuilding events, which I always look forward to because they often have a really interesting programme that brings the whole company team together. Another thing is the motivational quarterly meetings where we show the real work we have done as a company and the work that lies ahead of us. This really helps us work through the more challenging times.

Will you continue to be part of the coalsoft in the years to come? And what do you do when you're not sitting in front of a monitor?

As I mentioned above, I'm moving over to developing extensions in Javascript, React and Open UI5 (SAPi framework for the frontend), so there will be plenty of opportunities for further collaboration. I'm looking forward to the new challenges that await me in this company.

You undoubtedly enjoy life to the fullest outside the Brno office, what do you do during such moments?

I dedicate my time to my studies. Currently, I have successfully completed my bachelor studies at the Faculty of Information Technology at the Brno University of Technology. I plan to continue and deepen my knowledge in other areas of IT. In my free time I like to spend time with my girlfriend and friends, I like to go on various trips, not only to the countryside, I am into weight training and sometimes other sports as well. I also like to go to music parties to let my hair down, especially the electronic music genre Drum&Bass.



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