Interview with Petr Bečka

We always try to understand the customer and find a solution! The word "doesn't" doesn't exist for us, emphasizes Petr Bečka


The coalfamily was recently strengthened by the experienced software developer Petr Bečka, who fulfills the role of Development Architect at coalsoft, s.r.o. The new member of our already strong team explains in the interview what will be focused on and what he is most excited about at coalsoft.

Hi Petr, what brought you to the coalfamily team as a coalsoft Development Architect?

There were several reasons. First of all, I was hungry for more adventure and excitement from the daily grind. After that, I wanted to be in a place where I can influence the development and shape of the resulting products by my decision, apply my experience and knowledge. Last but not least, I also felt the possibility of being at the birth of a stable and high-quality company!

Where do you actually come from and tell us about your professional experience? It's no secret that for the fact that you "recently turned eighteen", you have already gained a lot of experience. (smile)

I come from Brno SAP, where I worked as a senior frontend developer. Before that, I briefly programmed flight simulators and antivirus programs in C++ during my studies. It wasn't until SAP that I sniffed web applications and developed a love for JavaScript. In SAP, I mainly learned the SAPUI5 framework, CDS views (database views) and partially gateway services in (BOPF/ABAP). I spent about seven years at SAP and it was definitely an excellent experience and preparation. But I was lucky that I enjoyed programming and during those years I built several applications in my spare time in frameworks like React, ReactNative, Vue.js and NodeJS to write the backend.

It's great to see the whole coalfamily sticking together

How do you like the coalsoft team so far and do you still feel the great potential of this company, which certainly abounds?

Power! I wasn't sure what to expect, but I have to say, there are a lot of smart people here. The team is not afraid to take on a challenge, learn new things and go for it. This is, and will certainly continue to be, seen in our products, which are of high quality. Other than that, it's great to see the whole coalfamily sticking together. We can work hard together, but we can also have fun.

What are you currently focusing on in our company? And what we can imagine under the name of Development Architect?

My main task will be to stabilize application development. These are things like the technology used, the approach to development, the unification of the application development process, but also the introduction of new and interesting technologies to the team. I would also like to focus on the automation of testing and static checks on projects. Of course, I will continue to develop applications for this as well.

We have a lot of experienced developers

What are you most proud of in your career?

Difficult question. I would probably say that I was able to build enough knowledge and insight that Michal (Michal Uhlíř, CEO of coalsoft) offered me this role. I've wanted real responsibility for a while now, and I'm glad someone else figured I could have it. Then also the fact that I can have fun with work and see the results behind me.

Why should a new potential customer choose coalsoft? Definitely because you're here, but what next? (smile)

Because we can fulfill the customer's every wish. And I mean it seriously, it's not something we say is impossible, we try to understand them and always find a solution. In addition, we have a lot of experienced programmers here who can do really professional work.



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