Jan Tůma and Adam Políček did the training for FPT.sk!

Jan Tůma and Adam Políček traveled to Slovakia to FPT, where they conducted training on the development of integrations in SAP Integration Suite on October 20th – 21st.


Integration team leader Jan Tůma together with integration developer Adam Políček attended a successful two-day training course in SAP Integration Suite for FPT.sk in Košice. The training was attended by 13 people from FPT. Jan and Adam travelled to Košice with the sole aim of transferring the rich experience of our company in the development of integrations for FPT, which has been operating on the market in Košice since 2004 and provides services with a focus on information technology.

Training topic? The basics of SAP Integration Suite and more!

FPT currently employs more than 400 IT specialists in the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia. The main tasks of the Slovak company include design, development and management maintenance of software, implementation and maintenance of SAP solutions, independent testing and quality assurance of IT services within the energy sector. We were honoured to participate in the further development of this sympathetic company.

Jan Tůma and Adam Políček went through the basics of SAP Integration Suite during a two-day training session with colleagues from FPT. „We also focused on the most useful components, mentioned the best practices for development and last but not least looked at specific integration problems currently being solved at FPT,“ says Jan Tůma, Integration Team Leader at coalsoft s.r.o.

If you are interested in similar training, please do not hesitate to contact us! It will be an honour and a great motivation for us to come to you and help you to develop your company.



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