Michal Uhlíř experienced training in psychodynamic coaching!

MK Psychology's coaching training has been used by many high-ranking managers. One of them was our CEO Michal Uhlíř, who who appreciates the benefits of coaching.


Michal Uhlíř, the head of our company, has recently actively participated in an extremely interesting training. „The training in psychodynamic coaching has been all about self-knowledge for me from day one," admits Michal Uhlíř and goes on to describe how the course went. „All the lecturers set up themselves on professionalism and put emphasis on the practical application of the theoretically described models, which allowed me to understand their effectiveness in working with clients much better," says Michal Uhlíř, CEO of coalsoft.

The training is suitable for anyone who wants to grow personally and achieve their goals more easily, both in their personal and professional life, while helping others to achieve their life goals. MK Psychology's training also serves anyone who works with groups and is interested in learning a method to lead and move those groups forward.

Michal Uhlíř was not alone at the training because he cares about his colleagues immensely. „My enthusiasm for the training was also enhanced by my colleagues," he confirms. „I would like to thank the openness of the organisers of the training and especially the commitment they put into the training! Even though I am not currently coaching fully, I use the knowledge and experience from this training in my everyday life," is pleased Michal Uhlíř. „Whether it's in the context of the leading a software company and developing our team members, or in my personal life," he points out the areas in which he capitalizes on the experience.



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