„Company culture and setting? A huge bonus!“ Marek Bartoš is delighted.

Our team has welcomed another new member! This is Marek Bartoš, who has joined us as Product Manager. And what brought him to us? Marek talks about more than just that in a worthwhile interview!


Marek, after the summer months of this year you have started the next stage of your career in our company. Could you tell us a bit about what brought you to us as a Product Manager?

An absolutely brilliantly written advert that I couldn't resist. I met Michal the same day and we hit it off. But after some chatting, we realised that it would be better for me to take on the role of Product Manager rather than Project Manager. Michal and I showed each other what ideas we had and started working together.

What will the Product Manager position entail? Can you give us some details about some of the upcoming projects?

First of all, it's to take ideas for other possible products for the company and find out their market potential and development costs. Then we will decide on one of the projects and it will be up to me to put together the implementation team, figure out the time availability of each team member, schedule the work activities so that the project moves as fast as possible and then „just“ see it through to the end. The word „just“, of course, involves a tremendous amount of work and coordination. That's probably what I'm looking forward to the most.

How did you join the coalfamily - coalsoft and coalios? Are you close to the relaxed corporate culture that prevails in our offices?

It is! Firstly, because it's totally relaxed and secondly, because it's completely quiet in the office. There are a lot of us in a small space, so it is absolutely incredible. One second I can switch off in the playzone and clear my head and laugh, the next second I can sit down at my desk and work on a project for hours at a time without any interruptions... Where can you find that? I see the close relationship of the company team to sport as a huge bonus.

coalsoft is a great choice. It explores the full implications of your desired application!

You haven't had a chance to experience any of our regular company activities or events yet. But one of them will take place at the end of November in the wine cellar. Are you going to be there?

I am, and I'm looking forward to it. Teambuilding events are always a great opportunity for me to get to know my colleagues better and, as a former colleague of mine always said, „to format my disk a bit!“

What words would you use to describe coalsoft after your first few weeks on the job? As SAP experts, are we the ideal choice for new customers?

If a customer is looking for a company that is not there to blindly execute a brief, but to think about the solution and explore the full implications of the application required, then coalsoft is a great choice!

Finally, let's take a look under the hood of your personal life. What are some of your biggest hobbies, interests, etc.? We couldn't help but notice that you're a bit of a beer drinker with your brand.

Yes, Czech beer culture is a matter of heart for me! My favourite hobby is of course my family, my fantastic wife, two adorable children and not to forget our slightly wacky dog. Next is sport in the form of weights, running, cycling and cross-country skiing in the winter. It all combines so nicely with the internal family culture of the company and the sporting enthusiasm of other colleagues. What can I say, it just fits well together and I believe that together we will come up with many great products!



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