Karolina Kubenova strengthened the team in Brno! „I'm looking forward to the challenges,“ she says.

Since the beginning of this year, the coalsoft team has enjoyed a new addition to the integration team. The Brno office was brightened up by Karolina Kubenova, who spoke in our blog not only about the new challenges that coalfamily will surely put in her way.


I am currently working on simpler integrations

Karolina Kubenova recently joined the coalfamily team as Integration Developer at coalsoft. It must be a blessing to be among such a great group of nice people.

„I was looking for a job and my partner, who works for coalsoft, told me that they were looking for another person for this position, so I gave it a try,“

says simply Karolana briefly but succinctly, describing the many challenges that await her in her new position. „Of course I'm looking forward to the challenges,“ she grins.

Working at coalsoft began for Karolina as our company culture says at full COAL. „I'm currently working on simpler integrations and creating documentation for existing ones.

In a very simplified way, you could say that you take data from system "A" and move it to system "B" using sometimes hussar stunts“

, explains Karolína Kuběnová.

Informal company culture is great

Coalfamily isn't just a slogan and work to the bone, it's also a bunch of leisure activities and fun. The proof is the teambuilding in February, which Karolina enjoyed together with us.

„I enjoyed the teambuilding, so of course I rate it very positively. I'm quite a fan of informal cultures, so this is great too,“

smiles Karolína Kuběnová, a member of the development team in Brno.

Karolina Kubenova has managed to get comfortable in her new position.

„As far as integrations are concerned, it takes a bit of getting used to, thank God the guys are always on hand,“

she says. „On the other levels, I'm like a fish in water despite my severe introversion,“ adds Karolina, who is still studying while working.

„I came to coalfamily from the Technical University (VUT FSI Brno), where I graduated with a bachelor's degree and now I am finishing my master's degree,“

she reveals.



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