„Corporate culture? Keeps the spirit young!“ is pleased Iveta Šedová.

Coalsoft and coalios are still going strong, and with that comes an influx of new employees. The coalfamily project team has been strengthened by Iveta Šedová, who in an interview talked not only about what brought her among us.


Hi Iveta, you have recently joined our project team. How do you like coalfamily so far and what brought you to us in the first place?

So far there are a lot of new things, a different way of working, and for me a new work experience and challenge all in one! But I like it here, I wake up in the morning feeling calm and looking forward to whatever new things the day brings. What brought me to you, besides the desire for change that gradually matured in me, was an advertisement for the position of Back Office Manager, which appealed to me at first sight, and I don't really know how it happened, but Mr. Michal Uhlíř, Mr. Jakub Kalát and Mr. Miroslav Adamec thought that I could try to strengthen the project team. So I just hope I won't disappoint their trust.

You have taken the position of project manager for both our companies coalios and coalsoft. What will you be responsible for?

I'd like to know that too (smile), but seriously. At coalios, I would be involved in larger scale projects where multiple activities and steps build on each other, I would be supporting the sales people and consultants so they can fully focus on their work and leave everything related to the progress of the agreed activities to me, both within the internal processes and the customer collaboration setup. In coalsoft, I should be, at least initially, the right and maybe even the left hand of Miroslav Adamec, to relieve him from activities that do not require the attention of his keen eye, but still need to be given time, and probably not often enough. And what's next? It remains to be seen.

Visible energy and enthusiasm every day! That's why I'm here.

What are you currently focusing on? Have you been handed a project yet?

First and foremost I'm familiarizing myself with all the systems that we work in here, a lot of them are new to me but I'm trying to get up to speed quickly and learn how to work in them. I am currently working with Jakub Kalat to take over the customer tribe of the company that has so far provided support within HELIOS iNuvio. It's a long run, but it's a unique opportunity for me and for getting to know the world of HELIOS better. I am reaching out to customers about this change and together we are "fine-tuning" the setup for future cooperation.

Not a few activities to start your career in the coalfamily. But it doesn't stop there, does it?

It doesn't. (smile) At the same time, Michal Uhlíř and I have developed a ticketing system for customers within coalios, called support. We will be launching it any day now for "test operation" and I really hope that customers and our colleagues will be satisfied with it.
Furthermore, I am gradually getting involved in the projects already underway, attending meetings to soak up the atmosphere and acquire additional skills and knowledge that I cannot acquire in any other way, and I am trying to become a full-fledged member of the team as soon as possible.

Coalfamily prides itself on its relaxed company culture. Is it close to you personally and what do you see as its biggest advantages over corporate approaches?

It keeps the spirit young! In that sense, it's something new for me. I've come across different types of corporate cultures in previous jobs. Some companies don't even have one, they don't have the need or desire to deal with something like that. But it's different here. Here, it's „full COAL“ Monday through Sunday. For me, the most important thing is the literally visible energy and enthusiasm, and that was one of the reasons why I'm here in the first place.

HELIOS offers everyone exactly what they need.

Our company coalios does a lot, including implementing the latest version of the HELIOS iNuvio enterprise information system. What do you personally see as the biggest advantages for small and medium-sized companies?

I admit that I am definitely not a HELIOS specialist. I have worked with a large number of information systems, but HELIOS offers everyone exactly what they need, whether it is based on the size of the company or its focus. The advantage is definitely the ability to connect to other related services such as Shoptet.

And what do you do when you're not sitting in front of a monitor and managing projects?

I have a husband and two daughters at home, so I try to devote all my free time to my family, or maybe it's the other way around, my free time is in the hands of our children and their mainly sport activities. We have a new house, so landscaping the garden and fine-tuning all the details also takes a lot of time. But when I put all that behind me, I like to have a good white wine, hang out with friends, go play tennis with my husband from time to time, and try to go swimming in the summer and skiing in the winter. I don't miss a good book or an interesting movie. Sometimes it's nice to do nothing too, but I admit I'm not very good at that, I'm still learning. (smile)



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