Interview with Eliška Franzová

„The TapeMe application emphasizes the true values of a person,“ says marketing specialist Eliška Franzová


Coalfamily is growing every day by more and more likeable, skilled and hardworking people. One of the many great worker is the marketing specialist of coalsoft s.r.o. Eliška Franzová. She is talking about not only the company's exclusive news in an interview with our marketing director Filip Červinka.

Hi Eliška, you recently expanded the already great coalfamily team and you hold the position of marketing specialist. How did you actually get here and do you like to be here so far? (smile)

Hi Philip. I actually got to coalfamily through an offer via social networks shared by my friend Jakub Cvejn (who is also a member). Based on this fact, I went to the interview, and finally it came out, I am also a member of the coalfamily! What else could you wish for! Given that I am still studying at university, specifically at the Tomáš Bata University in Zlín, this is a huge opportunity and challenge that Michal Uhlíř (company executive) gave me and I am very grateful for it. I'm very happy at coalfamily, there's a great atmosphere and I'm not even talking about the team!

What are you currently focusing on?

Due to my studies and not so much experience, I am still gradually learning, of course from the best. Anyway, the content of the job consists of marketing and promotion for coalfamily.

TapeMe app? The key to the soul of man

coalsoft s. r. o. is not only large corporate customers, but also applications and other gadgets. Recently launched the app TapeMe! Could you please describe this app to us?

Yes, sure! TapeMe is a dating app that allows you to connect and connect with people all over the world. Respectively, it connects everyone who is looking for love, a friend, entertainment, or who wants to improve their foreign languages. The TapeMe application brings new online communication that uses voice messages. It is to point out that the key to the soul can be the voice of a person! Well, isn't it a blast? As a result, the app is suitable for everyone! All one has to do is create a profile, put on headphones and turn on recording. So those who don't have it yet must download it!

An application of this kind is the first in the world! Now it depends a lot on the marketing and promotion of the given application to find its position among the big players. It will surely be a difficult journey, right?

Yes, that's why I see great potential in this application. What I like about the app is that it doesn't put a lot of emphasis on looks, but the basic element is the voice sympathy, and that's the fact that makes it special. I have to say that I immediately liked this project.

Marketing and promotion matters a lot now. We are now trying to be active on social networks, mostly on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. At the same time, we are also launching accounts on YouTube, Pinterest or Reddit! The journey is and will certainly be challenging, but I believe it will pay off in the end! There's a great bunch of people working on it who are really top!

Where can people download the app and where can they find information about it?

TapeMe app can be downloaded on all mobile platforms. On the App Store and Google Play, too. The application also has its own website where people can find basic information and links to social networks where we give all the news and news that TapeMe brings! More info about TapeMe.

The potential of the company is huge!

You've been at coalfamily for a short time, but do you feel a lot of potential in the company?

I see huge potential in the company. I like how everyone works together, helps each other and strives for common solutions and perfect results. I was impressed by the company's entire operation, which is set on a more friendly level, but which is also very efficient. There is no negative stress and pressure, which often impairs work performance. Of course, I also see great potential in the successful people working in the company.



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