„Our application satisfies any customer requirements“, emphasizes SAPUI5 developer Ondřej Matyáš.

The coalsoft team focuses on extending standard solutions in SAP enterprise systems. One of the many fantastic workers is SAPUI5 developer Ondřej Matyáš, who has a number of successful projects under his belt, and it is not only about them that he talks in the interview.


Everyone in the coalfamily is willing to help each other.

Ondra, you have been working in the coalfamily team as a SAPUI5 developer at coalsoft for a while now. How do you like the company of nice people and what are you currently focusing on?

I really like to be in the this company. When I joined, I was worried if I would fit in and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone in the coalfamily is friendly and willing to help with any problem.

How did you get into the coalfamily team?

I got in through my friend and now colleague Adam Sehnoutka, who joined about a quarter of a year earlier. When he was describing what it was like in coalsoft, what impressed me the most was how everyone got along and how they were willing to teach Adam and later me how to program, which we both had minimal experience with.

What we can imagine under the SAPUI5 developer?

It is a position of a web application programmer. The whole SAPUI5 is an extension of JavaScript, which is one of the most popular and also the easiest programming languages. SAPUI5 then extends the possibilities to create web applications connected to SAP systems easily and efficiently. I primary focus on designing and developing these applications and connecting them to SAP data models.

The Vacation Planner app makes it easy to keep track of more than just the employer.

Coalfamily is not just a slogan and work to the bone, but also a bunch of leisure activities and fun. Does it help you look forward to work every day?

I'm sure it does. Activities are definitely not spared and everything is taken with humour in the „office“. And for me, that kind of environment is much better than sitting in a corporation and having your superiors breathing down your back.

What projects that you and your colleagues have successfully completed are you most proud of?

My first major project was Parallel Workflow. This application generates forms relative to an employee's lifecycle in the company - when they start, when they go on maternity leave or move from part-time to full-time, etc. It's basically a checklist of items that employees need to return or take over. The list is automatically generated based on the employee's position, what branch they work in, who their supervisor is, etc. This way, HR managers have the entire list at their fingertips and can see exactly what the employee has already returned and what has not yet been returned.

Another application is the Vacation Planner, which allows employees to plan their vacation for the whole year. The supervisor can then see the exact vacation time of their entire team and can approve or reject the calendars.

Last, I would like to mention Document Generator, which is able to generate contracts and other legal documents for a given employee from Word templates. Again, the app is able to generate documents for each step in the employee lifecycle, pull the template itself from storage, replace placeholder text with the employee's information, and save the result back to storage. In recent weeks, I've enhanced the app to generate QR codes as needed, or perhaps link to DocuSign, which again handles electronic signing of documents. The vast majority of Document Generator was handled by me and I'm sure it fulfills everything that is needed. Thanks again to coalsoft for putting their trust in me and entrusting me with the whole project.

There is no problem we can't handle.

What do you see as the biggest advantages of SAP? It's a famous brand in the world!

I see the biggest advantages of SAP in how easy it is to add applications that we have programmed. We can easily import and export data and modify the entire data model to best suit our application. Our applications are thus able to meet any customer requirements.

How would you invite new potential partners to work with the coalsoft team?

There is no problem in our company that we can't handle. We have enough skilled people to make sure that all the clients' requirements are solved so that they have an easier and more pleasant work in SAP systems.



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