Jan Tůma celebrated his 3rd anniversary in coalfamily! „Every day brings new experiences,“ he says.

The head of the Integration Team at coalsoft s. r. o. celebrated his three-year anniversary with us in December! Jan Tůma, a constantly smiling and positive person for whom the word „can't“ does not exist. We bring you an extremely interesting interview with Jan.


We are a great bunch of smart people!

You have been with coalfamily as Integration Team Lead at coalsoft for a while now. This month you celebrate your 3rd anniversary with the company! How do you like it with a good group of people?

If I had to sum it up in one word, it's been a „ride“. It's been a while since I've sat alone in an office of four desks, and suddenly there are more than twenty of us! We've gathered a great bunch of smart people who are not afraid of challenges and finding solutions to all kinds of problems. We are a diverse group of sometimes pretty crazy people (smile) who are not afraid to make fun of ourselves and not take ourselves so seriously. I think because of all that we are able to deliver quality stuff, work hard and not go crazy.

Can you tell our coalfamily blog readers what major projects you are currently working on?

Where to start? All the projects we are working on are significant, interesting and push us further. If I had to highlight what I'm working on the most, it's an overseas project for a French bank that's moving to the SAP Cloud and connecting a lot of third party systems to the SAP world. It is currently in a period of transition to a production environment. My role is to coordinate that we deploy all the integrations smoothly in the production environment.

How did you get on the coalfamily team in the first place?

Thanks to our director Michal Uhlíř (smile), with whom we've been dragging it out for over 10 years since our joint studies at university, our joint work deployment at SAP Labs Brno followed. Then it was only a matter of time before we met together at coalsoft.

What can we imagine under the position Integration Team Lead?

It's a position where you don't get bored, you are always learning something new and you come into contact with a lot of interesting people. My role involves communicating with the customers, getting their real needs, designing and designing solutions to their requirements, pricing, coordinating the development and deployment of integrations. Last but not least, personal development of my developers.

The most successful projects? There are a lot of them.

Coalfamily is not just a slogan and a job to the bone, but also a bunch of leisure activities and fun. Does it help you look forward to work every day?

There's always so much going on at coalsoft to look forward to. We have a lot of company events to enjoy such as: white water races, bike trips together, winter fun in the mountains and lots of the other events. So, yes, there is always something to look forward to.

Which projects that you and your colleagues have successfully completed are you most proud of?

My first major project was Parallel Workflow. This application generates forms relative to an employee's lifecycle in the company - when they start, when they go on maternity leave or move from part-time to full-time, etc. It's basically a checklist of items that employees need to return or take over. The list is automatically generated based on the employee's position, what branch they work in, who their supervisor is, etc. This way, HR managers have the entire list at their fingertips and can see exactly what the employee has already returned and what has not yet been returned.

SAP is the market and technology leader.

What do you see as the biggest advantages of SAP? It is a renowned brand in the world!

The main advantage of SAP is definitely its flexibility, where customers are allowed to create their own rules within the SAP structure. Furthermore, its extensibility, both in terms of applications and integrations. Which feeds all of us at coalsoft. SAP is the market and technology leader, so anyone who sniffs SAP is not going to leave, because they have nowhere else to go.

What words would you use to invite new potential partners to work with the coalsoft team?

If you're not just looking for a job, but a second family, coalsoft is the place to be. We deal with the latest technologies available in today's SAP world. We have been part of SAP cloud implementations from the beginning, to which we then deliver custom extensions in the form of Fiora applications and SAP Integration Suite integrations. Our values include people, so we address personal development with our employees, involving them in the company's events and decision-making. No one is bored with us!



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