„The company's support for creativity knows no bounds“ is grateful marketing specialist Eliška Felgrová.

Coalsoft and coalios, which present themselves under the joint brand coalfamily, are really going all out this year! The marketing team recently strengthened Eliška Felgrová, who spoke in an interview not only about the challenges of her job.


Eliška, in June this year you started a new career in our companies coalsoft and coalios. Could you tell us a bit about what led you to work in marketing and what attracts you most to this position?

In my previous job I was faced with a lot of monotony and zero creativity, which was incredibly killing me as a creative and adventurous soul. Back in elementary school, I had a vision of a creative job where every day would look completely different and where I would use my skills such as communication and word processing. And that's exactly what you need in marketing. I had been looking for a similar job for a long time when suddenly an opportunity came up to get a position as a marketing specialist in a great company here in Letohrad. Even though I had zero experience in this industry, I went for it. Because - „Who tries nothing, gains nothing.“ And I have to say that I have gained more than I expected in such a short time here. I was already convinced at the first meeting with our marketing guru Filip that this was exactly what I was looking for. What I like most about marketing is the possibilities it offers. If the company supports you, you can do whatever you want, and that's everyone's dream, isn't it?

How did you prepare for your position as a marketing specialist at coalsoft and coalios? Is there anything in particular that helped you adapt more quickly to our unique coalfamily company culture?

The moment I found out that coalsoft and coalios were looking to add to the marketing team, I started studying everything about both companies while learning about what the marketing specialist position actually entails. Of course, during my research, I couldn't miss the company culture, which is an integral part of the entire team that really does everything to the fullest! I have to say that from day one I felt at home here, everyone has welcomed me beautifully and helped me with everything from the very beginning. Honestly, I would never have dreamed that a company with such a godly setup could be created in Letohrad.

Challenge after challenge from day one!

You've already done several company events, including the Summer Party and the running race „Jablonska osmicka“. Have you enjoyed them to the fullest and are these events beneficial to our companies?

I have enjoyed them to the fullest! Company events are one of the things that make us all feel at home here and make us a true coalfamily. I like that there is always something going on at company events. As far as events like the Jablonska osmicka are concerned, it's closely related to how we are set up. Every member of the coalfamily likes to move, in whatever way they can. For example, we have members of the ball hockey team, others like to run and train for races like the Jablonska osmicka. A lot of parade boys and girls have a four-legged partner at home with whom they go on long hikes. Everyone has their own thing that makes them happy besides work and family.

Can you share any interesting moments or achievements that you have managed to achieve in the first few months of work?

There have been a few, but it's true that I work closely with Filip on everything, so it's hard to talk about something where I've done the work myself from start to finish. I have to admit that from day one, it's been challenge after challenge and I think I've always managed to tackle them in some way so far. Such a bigger challenge for me in the last few days has definitely been the Christmas packages, which have been a lot of work. From the initial idea, the graphics, the budget, to the subsequent enquiries and completion, which we have therefore yet to do. I can't leave out the PPC campaigns either, which are the number one topic for us at the moment. And thanks to which we are significantly deepening our marketing knowledge.

If you have the right people around you, you can do everything with joy!

How do you think the role of marketing at coalsoft and coalios has changed since you joined the team?

For me, marketing is all about collaboration and I'm extremely passionate about it here! I'm not afraid to say that we are doing it to perfection. Internally, I hope that I have raised the bar for marketing a level. I think that together with me came a lot of energy and creativity, which we are currently drawing on to create a bunch of new cool stuff. I'm thinking about the aforementioned Christmas gifts, training and creating PPC campaigns. At the same time, I hope that order has come with me, because I am a person who likes a system in things. It is no wonder that I am also responsible for the ticketing system within coalios, where we do support for our customers.

What are your plans and goals for the coming months? Is there a particular project or initiative you would like to work on?

Plans are big, we have a lot of things coming up. As far as marketing is concerned, that's where we still need to fine-tune the Christmas packages and PPC campaigns. But we have a brand new project under our hands at the moment, which I'm incredibly excited about and grateful to be a part of and support a cause that makes sense. I honestly don't know how specific I can be, but I can safely say that people really have something to look forward to. At the same time, I'm also looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead within coalios and the ticketing system, because I have a lot to learn there too. In the end, though, I guess you could say I'm looking forward to whatever project coalfamily brings me, because when you have the right people around you, you can do anything with joy, and that's what this is all about.



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